Unique Loft Ladders Add Incredible Convenience in Small Spaces

Loft Ladders are one of those items that function exactly like their name describes – ladders that enable you to easily access your loft. Of course, just because we know what they are doesn’t mean that there aren’t some variations in there. With loft ladders, there are definitely some choices to be made in order to choose the right one for your home.

The biggest reason to use loft ladders instead of installing a staircase is space. If space is at a premium, a loft is a great and inexpensive way to add an extra room. It would rather defeat the purpose if you then had to take a big chunk of floor space from the first floor in order to build your stairs up to the loft. Loft ladders take up very little space and make a great alternative. You can set them up straight up and down if you wish but they can also be installed at a slight angle to make them easier to use. There are several models to choose from, too. There are movable loft ladders, permanently installed loft ladders and even folding loft ladders. Your choice will depend on your tastes and needs, of course.

One particular type of loft and roof access ladders that is unique and very interesting is the concertina loft ladder. These are very popular in the AU but also can be found very recently in the United States. They are especially unique because of the small amount of space that they take up. They usually are made of aluminum or some other light weight metal. They are multiple hinged and remind me very much of a musical instrument called an accordian. I’m not really sure why exactly, but when the hinges are extended the ladder will reach all the way to the floor. When retracted, the hinges shrink up and the ladder folds up into a neat little bundle that is easily stowed away. Usually you can see these types of ladders found attached to a wooden attic door. Loft is sometimes an interchangeable term for attic in some parts of the world and thus this is why you’ll see these ladders labeled this way. An example photo of a concertina ladder can be seen here.

When you do a search online, you will find a number of websites with more information about the variety of loft ladders available on the market. Be sure to look for any extras such as some of the safety features that some manufacturers build into their models. Any loft ladders that move at all should have some safety features such as rubber feet or handrails. You’ll also want to consider whether you want a permanent locking ability on the ladder or whether a loft ladder that has telescoping abilities makes more sense for your situation.

Whichever model of loft ladder that you decide on, we’re sure it will make climbing up and down into your lofts, attics, or other spaces much more convenient.

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