Without a properly maintained roof your home is left susceptible to damage from elements of the weather. You’re roofing and guttering need to be kept in good condition to enable your property to remain weatherproof. So, you may opt for gutter cleaning Northern Beaches services.

The type of roof that is on your property can vary. Factors such as what the building is being used for, local traditions of building construction and wider concepts of architectural design can all determine whether your property has a slate roof, title roof or felt roof.

Most domestic buildings, other than in dry countries, have a sloped/pitched roof. The pitch of a roof is determined by the angle at which the roof rises from; the lowest to the highest point. The two essential parts of the roof are the support structure and the outer skin. The support structure is the framework of the roof on which the outer skin sits; the outer skin being either slate, title or felt depending on the type of building.

The life span of a roof can vary due to the material used and the workmanship/property maintenance that was carried out on it. Sadly a lot of us don’t realise that damage is being caused until it is too late and your property has already started to deteriorate due to damp conditions, which can leave you with not only your roof to repair but also your house to re-decorate.

The attribute that you should look out for as one of the first signs that damage is being caused to your roof are dark patches that appear on your ceiling, this normally indicates that the underlying timbers in your roof have been damaged because of a leak.

Not only is it important to keep in mind the aspects that make up your roof you should also be aware of the type of installation that you have. Insulation controls heat flow both into the building and out of the building. There are many different types of thermal insulation that are used in roofing. Keep in mind that moisture resistance is an important property to consider when selecting roof insulation because water has a much higher thermal conductivity than air. Insulation options include cellular glass, polystyrene, polyurethane, polyisocyanurate, phenolic foam (air filled/gas filled), wood fibre board, and mineral fiber.

Property maintenance to your roof, whether you are repairing it or replacing the entire roof is a great investment for your property and gives you peace of mind, because of this you will want to make sure you find the right commercial building contractor for your property as well as your budget. Here at ARCH Building Solutions we spend time with clients to identify the exact problem and find them the most effective solution. We will discuss everything with our clients before taking any action to make sure you are getting the best service possible.

ARCH Building Solutions was created from the merger of two successful companies, one of which was is a building firm that has a history in renovations brisbane and property management and the other is an electrical contracting firm, which is experienced in a wide variety of contracts, from national installation through to complex commercial re-wires.

With ARCH Building Solutions you can be assured your property is in expert hands, delivering you quality advice and service.

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