Fashion Stock Photography – Click to Sell

Fashion stock photography includes those photographs that have not been clicked for a specific client. These photographs are usually used for marketing, advertising and designing or by someone who may have use for the photographs.

Instead of going through the expense procedure of hiring a professional photographer Christchurch and, many websites, advertising companies and professionals take advantage of stock photographs that are available. There is a variety of fashion stock photographs that can be bought through the internet.

There different kind of licenses for fashion stock photographs. For example, a client can take the royalty free license. This allows you to use the image for a limited number of times which could be maybe 6,000 times for a pamphlet. If the client want to make further use of the photograph then he need to pay more. The photographer is the owner of the image so the client does not get the image specifically for your use. The image can be used by others as well. Another kind of license is the ‘right managed’ license where the client has to pay for each use of the image. This turns out to be more expensive but it also gives you the exclusive right for that image for limited period of time.

Stock photographers need to have a collection of versatile pictures for the client to choose from. The photographs should be of good quality and should attract the viewer.

Tips for High Fashion Stock Photography

Have a concept

Keep in touch with the latest trends and fashion in the market. You can browse on the internet or you can read magazines. You can either shoot with single model or with multiple models. Be clear about your concepts.

Selecting models

It is important to get good looking models and it is equally important that the models should know how to pose and project the clothes. Teenagers and children can also be modeled for fashion stock photography or advertising photography Melbourne.


You need to have an efficient team of stylists who know how to dress up the model. They should also be aware of the latest makeup trends and the accessories.

Different angles

Click pictures from different angles. You can take close up of the model, the clothes and even the accessories. You never know when someone might need what kind of photograph.


Practice makes a man perfect. So keep clicking to catch good images. Think from the point of view of marketing or advertising personnel and select only the best images as stock photographs.

Once you have your fashion stock photographs ready, you can either send them to an established stock photography businessman or you can begin to sell them on your own. When you contribute you photographs, each time someone buys it, you get a royalty income. So conduct an extensive research of the places where your photographs will stand out and keep updating with the latest pictures.

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