Country Kitchen Designs – Country Kitchen Ideas

ceramic-tilesWhat a wonderful picture the term country kitchen designs conjures up: visions of flowers drying over an Aga cooker, dogs curled up in a corner, home-made orchard-fruit preserves in pots on a rustic dresser, freshly gathered garden-grown vegetables in a basket and the smell of newly baked bread permeating the whole house – everything you’d expect to find in a modern country kitchen design. The room reeks of tradition, wholesome food, country values and a sense of permanence, summing up an altogether more tranquil approach to life – an attitude that seems ever more desirable in times of pressure, insecurity and rapid change.

Country Kitchen Designs Work In The Country and City Too Of course, such country kitchen designs are best suited to a house or cottage set in a rural location, but this does not preclude it from being adopted in a more urban situation. Urban country kitchen ideas or kitchen renovations cairns might open out into a conservatory rather than a picturesque cottage garden and a cat might replace the hunting dogs, but there is no reason why the essential elements of a country kitchen design style should not be embraced in the city. The essence of country kitchen designs is that everything should look as though it has had a chequered past. This is best demonstrated by including old items that have in fact been used over generations – perhaps bought at country auctions, purchased from antique shops or haggled over at car-boot sales and swap meets. Newly constructed articles, manufactured to modem standards and ‘distressed’ to give an instant feeling of age, can also be incorporated. These may well have the advantage of offering a better performance while still evoking times gone by. A gas-, oil- or electrically-powered range will suggest a bygone age without requiring stoking, and modem kitchen units behind doors of aged wood will be easier to keep clean and will not warp.

Allow Your Country Kitchen Designs To Evolve and Age Units are best when they appear to have evolved rather than having been installed all at the same time and from a matching suite. Although it is preferable for the carcasses to be modern, the facings can be manufactured from aged timber and, for the correct look, should be free-standing rather than in a continuous run. A central wooden table and a large ceramic Belfast sink with wooden drainer and old-style taps will help to reinforce the country kitchen design style. Surfaces within country kitchen designs are most likely to be natural or at least natural-looking. Wood dominates and can be used for units, worktops, flooring and even walling. Flagstone floors are traditional in country kitchen ideas, and terracotta floor tiles will give a countrified feel to good country kitchen ideas. Painted wall surfaces are in order and nature’s rich colors – leaf green, earthy terracotta, sunny buttercup yellow and gentian blue – provide a perfect background to complement all that timber. This is one set of country kitchen ideas for which curtains might be the preferred choice of window treatment. Unpretentious materials such as cotton gingham, ticking, butter muslin and calico make a strong rural statement when used for simply gathered country kitchen designs style. The most suitable lighting arrangement for country kitchen ideas would be to combine high technology with simple country-style fittings. The modem fittings should be discreet and provide a good working light (recessed downlighters and/or strip lights behind baffles are a suggestion), and traditional wall lights, table lamps and old-fashioned overhead pendant fittings will help to set the mood. Although we tend to think of the country kitchen designs as being essentially English, there is no reason why you should not create your own Portuguese, American, Mexican, Italian, Moroccan or other ethnic country kitchen designs. What fun could be had in collecting implements, crockery and other cooking kit in foreign lands and finding ceramic tiles Melbourne, cupboards and floorings from far-away places.

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