Cool Down Your Home With Attic Fans

If you have an attic that is always warmer than the rest of your home, you may need attic fans. An attic exhaust fan can greatly reduce the heat in your attic by blowing the warm air out the opening. The heat that accumulates in an attic can become very dangerous. If you go up to your attic a lot, you probably avoid going up there during the warmer months. During the summer months people have a lot of problems with the heat in their attics. This is due to warm air becoming trapped in the attic which makes temperatures rise well over one hundred degrees.

If you use your attic for storage, you definitely need attic fans to keep the attic cooler. All attics are heat traps because the ceiling is the roof of your house. The sun beats down on the roof all day, and all year round. Even if it’s not hot outside, your attic will heat up fast from the direct sunlight.

Attic fans keep your attic cool by blowing away the heat that accumulates. There’s a wide variety of styles and sizes that will remove the heat and keep you house cooler all year round. Asolar attic fan has become very popular because they don’t run up the electric bill. A solar attic fan is just as effective as other types of attic fans, except they do not require wiring or an electrical outlet.

If you are considering buying a solar attic fan, be sure to shop around. Attic fans can be expensive with the price range between running $400 and $600. Search online about the many different brands, and read some of the customer reviews before making your decision.

You should also realize that you may need to hire someone to install your attic fans if you can’t do it yourself. If you choose a regular attic fan that has wiring, also consider having an attic fan thermostat installed. Thermostats are great at controlling exactly when you want the fan to turn on to control the heat. You just set the thermostat at the temperature you prefer, and when the temperature in the attic goes past that, the fan automatically turns on.

If you don’t have an attic, just a crawlspace where the gables to your roof are, you can also buy a gable attic fan. These fans are installed in the gables of your roof, and are similar to other types of attic fans. You can see an example of a type of gable attic fan in the photo in this article.

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