Biomass Energy Is The Best Gift Of Nature

Advantages of wood pellets.

Pellets are prepared from waste left from the wood production. In general I can say that a substance of this waste pressed under the high pressure is simply passed through numerous holes of a certain diameter. As the result of it we can obtain this solid biofuel.

Wood pellets do not contain any extraneous additives. The matter is that the process of binding of small particles of crushed waste occurs at a very high temperature and pressure. Under the influence of the temperature factor a certain gluing substance appears. Speaking the language of science, I can say that adhesive properties of this substance exceed corresponding properties of many synthetic adhesives. By the way I’ve forgotten to reveal the name of this prominent substance. It’s known as linguin.

So these glued pellets are round cylinders with a diameter of 4 to 10 mm and a length of 20 mm. They can be of different color and they have a pleasant smell of wood. These pellets are used to produce energy on a large scale. Their main customers of this environmentally friendly stuff are the large boilers, used in many industrial enterprises. This is due to the fact that the small size of fuel pellets can completely automate the process of storing, selecting, measuring their volume of transportation and certainly supplying them directly to the burning chambers.

Large pellets are found in the consumer environment among numerous homeowners, especially those ones who have a strong environmentally friendly belief. Moreover it’s a great chance to reduce expenses on heating which is also an important reason for using pellets. To say the truth in most cases for the use of wood pellets we do not need to convert the existing boiler though there are electric boilers UK specially designed to burn this solid biofuel. Why has the whole world made a practical choice for wood pellets? There are several reasons for this from my point of view. The matter is that many countries are the percipients the Kyoto Protocol which means that they are obliged to reduce harmful emissions to stop this famous “greenhouse effect”. It goes without saying that CO2 content has become a big problem for the whole planet.

So we can make a conclusion that pellets and wood briquettes are some of those fuels, allowing us to obey such laws. There’s another advantage of these biofuels. The matter is that they’ve got an extremely high caloric value to compare with traditional sources of energy. To say the truth only coal can compete with these biofuels. However, its application is limited by its high cost and the fact that the coal reserves in the world are coming to the end. So it’s impossible to recover its reserves for the next generations. That’s why these biofuels will conquer our future.

Among different energy saving alternatives, we highly recommend you to read more about wood pellets.

This is a short list of advantages of using wood pellets. They are not sophisticated; they do not need huge investments into expensive equipment; they come from mother nature. Please invest 5 minutes of your time into finding out more about wood pellets – it is really vital now.

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