Bathroom Lighting Tips

Bathroom is one of the most important rooms in house which needs good lighting system. We start our day by getting ready in the bathroom. If you feel good and relax in starting of the day, then you feel relaxed and energetic throughout the day. Therefore, it is very important to have good lighting arrangement in the bathroom.

There are four types of lighting available for you to light up any room which are known as accent lighting, task lighting, general lighting and spark lighting or decorative lighting. In order to get best results, it is recommended to illuminate your bathroom using combination of all of these lightings.

Task lighting is critical when it comes to bathroom lighting. You should use task lighting on areas where you do your work like you can fit them around vanity mirrors. In other words, Task lighting is specifically used for task such as when applying make up or when doing shave or other forms of personal grooming.

Bathroom Vanity is one of the most important places in bathroom that requires having a good arrangement of lighting. You probably want to face any difficulties while doing your most intricate task on vanity. You also don’t want to face awkward shadow problems caused by poor lighting systems. In order to prevent all these problems which distort your desired results, you should place frontal lighting which is one of the best ways to illuminate your vanity.

Another great way to illuminate vanity is to strategic place your lighting fixture above the vanity mirror. Make sure that vanity fixtures should hold at least 150 watts in order to achieve sufficient bright vanity lighting.

Shower tub is another place in bathroom which requires sufficient amount of lighting but this area is often overlooked by many peoples. Putting on or two recessed down lights along with special shower trims are sufficient to illuminate most shower stalls. One thing that you must take care is that make sure that the lighting fixtures you use for shower stalls are approved by relevant authorities for use in wet areas.

Remember, lighting is one of the most important aspects of bathroom decor and design. Without it, every thing including colors, textures, wallpapers and other decorative accessories are all wasted.

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