Basement Remodeling

Basement remodeling adds considerable value in terms of the functionality of the home. Everything from additional bedrooms to a game room is possible. Full basements may even allow for added bathrooms or kitchens. These features not only add living space, they also make appealing selling points, adding tens of thousands of dollars to the value of the property.

Basements offer the greatest leverage in “bang for the buck” terms, particularly if it stands unfinished, or only partially finished. These projects also offer unparalleled flexibility. The range of possible projects and options fit nearly any budget, and tend to suit do-it-yourselfers. Since the basement is usually set apart from the daily living spaces, basement remodeling projects have the advantage of causing minimal hassles and messes while the project moves forward.

Whether your house refurbishment london plans call for a few minor changes, or an elaborate transformation, a plan is essential. Begin by daydreaming and coming up with your best basement remodeling ideas. This is among the more fun parts of this process. Don’t worry about budget yet, just focus on what your household needs and wants from the space. Think both big and small, and keep a pen handy. Let no idea go to waste. You never know if it might spark something or solve a problem later.

If you are not the creative type, you can search for some of your local contractors’ web sites as often they will showcase their previous work and even offer basic mock up drawings of basement remodeling plans. I’ve had good luck using the recommendation service called Angie’s List for finding top rated contractors in my area.

Next, determine how much you want to spend on the project. This may not have anything to do with your savings or other cash on hand, though there’s nothing wrong with staying out of debt. Remodeling loans are available, both as bank lines of credit, and through credit cards. If credit is the route you choose to take, speak with a banker about how much money you can secure, if any. Consider carefully if your household can keep up the payments.
Doing your homework is essential here. Work the numbers and find out if your planned changes will provide the cost/benefit ratio to at least allow you to break even in terms of the added equity. Homeowners who have attempted any remodeling without this kind of planning don’t walk away feeling good about the experience. The phrase “money pit” gets thrown around liberally.

Professional Help
Don’t be too eager to take the DIY route. Educating yourself and being open to making mistakes is part of the process. Consider also that your inexperience could cost you money anyway and could make it well worth the cost of hiring building designers Perth for the job.

For example, when I decided to attempt to re-plumb my shower on News Years Eve Day about 14 years ago, it turned out I wasn’t a plumber after all. I had no idea that you needed a propane torch and solder to sweat copper pipes. I just figued I could find fittings that would all screw together. What a disasterous mistake! 7 hours later, an emergency call to a professional plumber paying him double time, and an angry wife was an experience I’ll never repeat. Do yourself a favor, think really hard about your expertise and factor that into your basement remodeling costs ahead of time. You’ll thank me

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