A Guide To Looking After Your Home’s Roof

Depending on the material and the quality of construction, a roof can last anything from 10 minutes to 100 years. What is important about making a roof last as long as possible is making sure that proper maintenance is carried out on a regular basis to make sure that any damage is repaired as soon as possible and to identify if the roof is beginning to show signs of old age and not functioning as well as it should. Below is some advice on how to keep on top of maintaining your home’s roof.

In order to be aware of the true condition of your home’s roof, you must make sure that you regularly inspect your roof, ideally at least twice a year. A thorough inspection means using binoculars or somehow gaining access to the roof to enable you to determine if any areas are damaged or require attention. You should also have a look at the roof from the inside to see if you can spot any daylight coming through the roof membrane or any damp patches that could possibly indicate water leakage.

Of course many of us do feel less than confident about not only climbing up a ladder to inspect the roof, but also in our abilities to identify potential problems. If this is the case then you can contact any one of the hundreds of roofing companies to see if they can send somebody to inspect your roof for a fee. Occasionally you may be approached by people claiming to be roofing specialists that say they will inspect your roof for free. Most of the time these people will then return claiming immediate attention is needed and you should pay them to do the work as soon as possible. Do not trust these individuals.

The most obvious thing you can look out for is debris, moss or other growths that can accumulate on a roof. Birds’ nests can block guttering and cause a build-up of water that may overflow or the weight of which can cause the guttering to fall away. Although moss may seem harmless, due to the amount of water it retains, when it freezes it expands and can cause severe damage to roofs.

If your roof is made from a more exotic material such as thatch or slate then it is vital that it is inspected and repaired by qualified, experienced individuals. A roof that is repaired to a reduced standard will almost certainly not last as long as work that is carried out to a high standard. As the old adage goes ‘buy cheap, pay twice’. If you fail to consider this, you may be looking to replace your roof much sooner than you had anticipated.

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