propertyHere are the 12 areas that you should include in your twice a year property inspections Melbourne of your home and property in order to receive an ‘A’ in curb appeal for your home. The first time you use it, your list of ‘things to do’ may be longer than you had hoped, but keep it up and it will get much shorter over time.

Does siding need to be power washed?
Do shingles need paint or stain?

Is the roof clear of any branches and moss? If not, overgrowing tree branches may be the cause.
Are there antennas no longer being used that need to come down?
Are the gutters and downspouts attached to the home properly?
Have the gutters been cleaned out? This should be done at least once per year.

Are the roof shingles in good condition? Look for signs that a new roof may be needed.

Is the chimney leaning?
Is mortar missing between bricks?

4.Front Door
Does the front door need paint or stain?
Does the screen door need to be repaired?
Is the house number visible from the street for emergency responders?

Does the trim need to be painted or stained?
Are any pieces of trim missing?

Are the windows clean? Do they have any cracks?
Are screens torn or not hung properly?

Are the walkways even so that no one trips when walking on them?
Are walkways kept free of toys and tools? These are other tripping hazards.

Is the lawn kept mowed and trimmed?
Are there places where other types of landscaping in Adelaide, such as a mulch flower bed, a better alternative than mowed lawn?

9. Landscaping / Shrubs
Are bushes and shrubs neatly trimmed? For security reasons, they should never block view of windows, giving intruders a screened access into the home.
Are plants mulched and free of weeds?

10. Fences / Outdoor Buildings
Are fences or outdoor buildings in need of repair?
Do they need to be stained or painted?

11. Lighting
Are all walkways well lit?
Are there exterior lights, maybe motion sensitive, that light up the exterior of the house?

12. Mailbox
Is the house number readable for mail delivery and emergency responders?

Is it straight and painted, making a positive statement about your home?

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